Are There Weird Scholarships For College Students?

There is no denying the fact that there are tons of scholarships that are available for the jock, the free spirit, the egg head, the average student. However, what about those individuals who possess really strange and weird, yet fascinating, talents? These wacky talents that can makes an individual stand out in the crowd are now also the same ones that can potentially earn them bags of cash in the form of weird scholarships so that they can plan for their college lives or further ahead.

As far as winning a scholarship is concerned, geek is chic. Very often a college scholarship does not get awarded based simply on major, test scores, academic ability or athletic capabilities. It may also include various other criteria that is likely to serve as a potential indicator for success in college life. Students who have better thinking and creative ability and are able to express themselves in an effective manner besides demonstrating an interest towards acquiring greater amount of knowledge are more likely to be ahead in the scholarship program and college application race.

Students having unusual talents and interests often find themselves to be unique suitors for writing scholarships, art scholarships and a whole host of other potentially weird scholarship opportunities. It does make sense in a way that a typical scholarship program seeks applicants who stand out from the crowd and when it comes to these weird offering for scholarship, their applicants are individuals who have always set themselves apart from the masses. These applicants, whose talents and skill sets had earned them recognition in school are highly likely to receive further scholarship benefits, specially where weird scholarships are concerned.

There is an abundance of free scholarship money for the individuals with a penchant for doing the unusual. The hippie girl is likely to bag the community service scholarship and green scholarship for all her activities in high school. The guy who is able to memorize the value of pi up to 250 places of decimal is also likely to run away with a sort of academic scholarship. The guy in the duct tape pants or the girl carrying around a battered copy of “The Fountainhead” are also eligible for winning thousands of dollars for simply portraying their talent as a celebration through an essay or a simple portrait. To give you a better idea of what these weird scholarships are like, we present to you details of some of them.

WV State Fair Junior Scholarship for Livestock Show: Do you have a penchant for livestock farming and cattle rearing? Do livestock shows intrigue you to the extent that you have been a part of them? If so, then this is one of the many weird scholarships that you must apply for. In order to be eligible for this Junior Livestock Show scholarship, these are the criteria that an applicant needs to fulfill:

– The candidate must have presented at the West Virginia Junior Show State Fair any time within the last five years.

– The applicant needs to be a resident of West Virginia.

– The candidate needs to either be eligible for college admission in the year of application for scholarship or already be enrolled in any post-secondary education course.

• National Candy Technologists Scholarship: If you happen to be someone who has a sweet tooth, then this weird scholarship idea definitely fits your bill. All you need to do now is make sure that you meet the following criteria as well:

– Either be a college sophomore or a junior or senior for the impending academic year.

– The candidate must possess a demonstrated interest in technologies associated to confectionery. This may include various activities such as work experience, formal study and projects for research.

– The applicant must have attended an accredited four-year course in any college or university within North America.

– Have majors in biological science, chemical science, food science or in some other related field of study.

– The candidate needs to have a GPA score of 3.0 out of 4.0 or an equivalent on some other scale.

The benefits that can be obtained from this scholarship amounts to five thousand dollars that is paid in two separate installments of two and a half thousand dollars each once the enrollment verification process has been completed.

In addition to the many available merit scholarships, minority scholarships, scholarships for women and other related categories, weird scholarships present themselves as another area that is worth investigating. Having a weird talent may end up getting you one of these weird scholarships. The only way you can find out is by looking so get down to conducting your own weird scholarships search and start finding money from various sources to start your freshman year in college.

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