Different Types of Scholarships

There is a vast ocean of scholarships available out there for worthy, ambitious students willing to do what is necessary to earn them. It can be overwhelming to try to sift through them all and, once you’ve got a list of them ready to apply for, the traditional processes might also be overwhelming or even a little boring. The following scholarships, however, are not your usual, weird traditional types!

For the more adventurous and daring students, check into the Our World-Underwater Society Rolex Scholarship! This scholarship has rather stringent application requirements but the rewards for winning are amazing! The rewards include up to $25,000 for use on travel expenses and other such expenses while the winners are working, for about a year, right alongside the current leaders in various underwater fields of study. Three winners are chosen each year, one each from the North America, Europe, and Australasia. The winners will primarily travel within their home regions but, there is the possibility of global travel for the winners of this particular scholarship.

For more information, log on to this website: http://www.owuscholarship.org/scholarships

(Sources: https://scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-type/weird-scholarships/our-world-underwater-society-rolex-scholarship and www.owuscholarships.org/scholarships )

For those students out there that are more industrious and inventive, look into the Collegiate Inventors Competition! This program “rewards innovations, discoveries, and research” and encourages an active role in invention and innovation. Students from the fields of mathematics, sciences and technology often find their way to this competition but, it is not limited to these fields.

The deadline is June 14, 2016 and awards are up to $100,000 for students and their mentors. For additional details on what is expected for this competition and how to participate, log on to http://collegiateinventors.org/ and look around, or email them at collegiate@invent.org .

Last, but not least, for all those students out there that are sci-fi/fantasy fans, try for the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship! Yes, you read that right, Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship! This scholarship is open to all students, 13 years old or older. The deadline is October 31, 2016 (what an appropriate date!) and the award is $2000 for the student who can write the winning essay. For 2012, the winning essay needed to explain where the student would escape to if a zombie outbreak happened at their school as well as the five things he or she would take with them to ensure their own survival.

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