Weird Scholarships for high school Seniors

While most scholarships only grant financial awards to students who show very high potential on either the academics or sports sides, it is not to say that those who do not have the capacity to excel above everyone else can be given a chance to have a more accessible route towards their education. Little is known about these which may initially seem to be a little weird, but it does not mean that they are as unreal as it gets. Programs that grant financial aids to ski enthusiasts and even to those vertically challenged are available, among others. Plus, not so many people apply for awards, so the chances of being chosen are even much higher than the norm.

Here are some examples of obscure scholarships for high school seniors in the United States, ready to be grabbed by those willing to go the extra mile.


Just by being a candy enthusiast, anyone would already be able to apply for this scholarship program. As this was founded by the American Association of Candy Technologists, an applicant is required to be majoring in food, chemical or biological science closely related to confectionery production, and a $5,000.00 grant will be given to the successful candidate. More details can be found here:


Those who are interested in the very cringe-worthy world of molds, fungus and lichens can already apply for this type of scholarship. Ranging from Undergraduate Research to Best Oral and Poster Presentation Awards, a variety of amounts can be given to those who pass the organization’s expectations. More can be found here:


Snowboarders and Freeskiiers in the United States further promote their adrenaline-filled activity by awarding candidates scholarship grants, and they base the acceptance on the value of the applicants’ transcripts, recommendation letters and even their snowboarding game success. Their scholarship page is made available here:


Awarded to those who have a specific height of 4’10” or shorter, individuals diagnosed with dwarfism can get a chance to be fully funded for a college or vocational education fee. The application for this program should be made in haste—only two people can be given the scholarship, and more details can be found in there website:


Just by having the surname “Gatling” or “Gatlin”, any interested party pursuing a college degree can get amounts ranging from $9,000.00 to $18,000.00. This is not bad at all, especially since the main requirement has already been fulfilled since the moment of the individual’s birth. This is renewable for up to four years, and more can be found here:

wacky scholarships

Getting financial aid to attend college can be an overwhelming
process. There are so many different forms to fill out and so many essay
questions to answer; it is easy to get burnt out. There are ways to
overcome the monotony of the boring applications. Find yourself some
wacky scholarships to apply for. There are literally thousands of odd
and off the wall scholarships that anyone can apply for. The list is
tremendous and the requirements will vary from scholarship to
scholarship. But they are out there and you can be assured that you
will, at the very least, have a good time trying to get one.

chances of getting a huge, full tuition scholarship are not that great
for those students that do not have the best grades. But not all
scholarships are based on academic merit. Yes, good grades can always
help, but many of the unusual scholarships are competitions. This means
that you have just as much of a chance of receiving one as anyone else.
You may have to dig deep and use your talents and skills, but many of
them are fun to try. There are still going to be forms to fill out and
essay questions to answer, but you might find the feeling and spirit to
be less formal.

The National Make It Yourself with Wool (NMIYWW)
organization gives scholarships for knitting the best wool garment,
judged on design, creativity, and presentation. The Klingon Language 
Institute Scholarship is awarded to students that will be studying

equality has been a primary concern over the last few decades and the
field of education is no different. There are now a great range of
specific Scholarships for Women designed to help maintain their equality
(or should that be superiority?) in further educational achievements.
Topics such as engineering, business, math and law which were
traditionally thought of as a largely male domain now have a surprising
number of women achieving outstanding positions in the workplace, thanks
largely to these scholarships.

All you have to do is search online for unusual scholarships and start taking some notes. Give your best effort, even if the award is small. A lot of small amounts can add up to a
large sum of money and it will all go toward your college education.
Have fun and find the scholarships that suit your talents, needs, and
skills. You are sure to find many to choose from and you should consider
applying for them all.