So, You’ve Been Accepted! What Now?

So you have been accepted into your favorite college or are in the last year of high school and wondering if your parents can afford to send you there? If you are not sure how to pay for the next four years or even the first semester, scholarships are a way to make your dreams come true.

Scholarships are very popular and it does not mean you have to belong to a sports team to be eligible for one. They are gifts given to students to help achieve their goals and make the world a better place. There are many opportunities out there to be granted the chance to earn money, some of which are in your own backyard. For one example, your parents’ employer or a religious group would be a great way to sponsor the future of their community.

Where do you start looking for scholarships? You would need to look for as many places as you can for these chances to gain free money and there are many easy and friendly places to look for them.

The first place to look for scholarships is your localĀ high school counselor. They can offer you their professional advice and they would be a great mentor to you if you need help preparing for the requirements of the scholarship such as writing essays and filling out applications. Another great place to search is the public library. The reference section would be helpful and would have guides for you to review to help you decide if certain types of scholarships are better for you than others. In fact, there are even weird scholarships that you may be approved for!

Sometimes we may think that it is just about getting money and then it goes quickly into the tuition, but having the acceptance of a higher type of program offered would benefit many people besides the person applying for the scholarship. The local community, the religious groups in the neighborhood, the local sports teams and most importantly the town itself.

The only pitfall is to make sure you avoid scams. Many people offer free advice and money for personal information that can be used against you later (such as your social security information or bank information). Always check to make sure these companies are legit and are offering what they say they will.

Checking with the federal aid office and the U.S. Department of Labor are also great places to look for government related grants and they are definitely legal and of good standing. Merit based and sport scholarships are the main ways to be approved for these types of programs but with financially challenged low income families, there ways to better your life with the help of others who have been in your shoes. If you are going to receive financial aid to pay for your tuition, scholarships would be an addition to the entire cost of going to college.

In summary, take a look at scholarship based websites, read reference guides, go to your counselor or religious leaders for guidance, help, emotional and financial support. You have many resources at your fingertips to advise you on your future goals and dreams. Go make the most of any opportunity that comes your way and always thank the people who have made it happen!

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