Top 3 Ways of Finding Left Handed Scholarships and Other Unique Scholarship Opportunities

Left-handed scholarships and other unique scholarships are available for those that can find them. With the rising cost of pursuing a college education these days, any financial help is a gift. But if you find yourself as just an average student then scholarships based on things other than grades is what you want to locate to pay for college. This article will focus on left-handed scholarships and other uniquely qualifying scholarship awards.

Do You Qualify?
Just being aware of the fact that not all scholarships are based on academic status is an eye opener for most. In fact, there are a lot of scholarships that rely on OTHER qualifications for being awarded. Were you aware of scholarships for tall people? Or have you heard of the duct tape prom dress awards? The chances are high that you have never heard of either and therein lies the problem. You need a way to locate these and other like-minded scholarship awards.

Top Three Ways To Locate Unique Scholarships
With the advent of so much new and valuable information online we will limit our searches there;

1. Visit online forums and message boards – Go to Google and type in “scholarship message board” or “scholarship forum” and you should receive a lot of valuable forum addresses. Check them out and when you have identified the ones that are active then feel free to interact with other like-minded students who probably are looking for scholarships too. The unique and little-known scholarships will get chatted about allowing you all to benefit.

2. Use Search Engines – Utilize Google to find that unique scholarship for yourself. For example, if you are left-handed then type into Google’s search engine “left-hand scholarships” (include the quotes). But don’t stop there, in fact, start searching for all of your unique hobbies and qualities using the same procedure. For this exercise think about using height, eye colour, hair colour, etc. Keep in mind that if you had to exert some effort to find it, then there probably isn’t a lot of other scholars that will find it either!

3. Utilize an Online Scholarship Database – Nowadays there are some useful, reputable scholarship databases online that can assist you finding unique scholarships. They come in free and paid versions. Of course, the paid versions tend to have more information and search options, but you can still get started with either. We recommend one such database in the resource section of this article.

In Closing
This article has hopefully uncovered your eyes and opened your mind to the possibilities of finding a scholarship that is not specifically academic based. If you are willing to put forth some effort and use your time wisely, then you should have no problem finding a few unique scholarships for yourself. Who knows that next group of “Unique awards” may very well have your name on one of them and help you get to the universities!