Weird Scholarships

In today’s modern society, many teenagers, even older adults, attend a higher education of some sort. Whether it’s a university, community college, or a technical school, paying for said schooling can get pretty expensive quite fast. Many students apply for a student loan, a grant, or scholarship of some sort. This reduces or eliminates paying for those expensive classes out of pocket. Some of these scholarships are not only strange but not quite known of by too many students. Let’s look at a few of these.

“The Superhero Scholarship”, is one not heard of too often. The scholarship is open to high school students ages thirteen and up. The task is to write an essay about which superhero or villain you would like to trade places with for the day and why. Maybe watching all of those Marvel and DC Comics movies will pay off? This scholarship gives students a chance to be creative, and add money to their college funds, $2500 to be exact.
Another lesser known scholarship is, “Quilter’s Scholarship”, at a whopping $1500. The only requirements are to be going to a college somewhere in Washington State, and be majoring in some form of fiber art. It doesn’t even have to be quilting. Sewing, weaving, basketry and more are eligible for this scholarship.
At $250-$1000, the “Short People Scholarships” are present in a way to pay for college. Ran by The Little People of America, you must be 4’10” or under to even apply. Then you must submit a “short” essay and have three recommendations to be considered.
What about tall students though? Well just as there is a scholarship for short students, we have one for tall. The “Tall People Scholarships”, are another not so well known way to pay for college at $1000. That is if your at or taller than 5’10” for women and 6’2″ for men. You also need to be under 21 and be in your first year of college to apply.
If you meet the height requirements and everything else checks out, those college funds will start to rack up, and from pretty unknown scholarships too. I only learned of these researching for this article. The internet is full of them, strange and unusual scholarships that many haven’t even heard of. Like have you ever heard of a scholarship called, “Duck Calling Contest”? I haven’t at least. There are so many scholarships available to students. Many of which are quite strange and many are unknown by the general public.
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