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oral - Ontario

THINK LITERACY Cross Curricular Approaches Grades 7 12 O Introduction to Oral Communication 151 Oral skills both speaking and listening are at the very foundation of literacy

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Pair Work:
Take Five


Oral skills – both speaking and listening – are at the very foundation of literacy. Classroom talk helps
Pair Work:
In this strategy, students individually consider an issue or problem and then discuss their ideas with a
through discussion with a partner.
deepen understanding of an issue or topic through clarification and rehearsal with a partner.
develop skills for small-group discussion, such as listening actively, disagreeing respectfully, and
rephrasing ideas for clarity.
Tips and Resources
What teachers doWhat students do
•Have students read a selection or pre-
planned Think/Pair/Share activity.
•Choose a “teachable moment” during the
•Consider the social and academic goals
for the Think/Pair/Share activity, and plan
forpairing of particular learners that
Pair Work:
information and ideas from a reading
Pair Work:
Take Five
share responsibility for teaching and reviewing with each other.
covered quickly.
Tips and Resources
What teachers doWhat students do
Pair Work:
Take Five
day’s lesson for review and consolidation
each pair.
Pair Work:
What teachers doWhat students do
Pair Work:
What teachers doWhat students do
 reports the group’s ideas to the
In this easy-to-use strategy, students are divided into small groups, gathered around a piece of chart
paper. First, students individually think about a question and write down their ideas on their own
section of the chart paper. Then students share ideas to discover common elements, which can be
written in the centre of the chart paper.
Tips and Resources
What teachers doWhat students do
Through group sharing of ideas and 
experiences, gather common concerns, 
concepts, and ideas in this section of the 
place mat. 
Take a few minutes to think about and then individually write down what you know about the
it protects people’s rights                    guarantees equality of men & women 
                                                             freedom of religion 
all people should be equal                      freedom of the press  
                                                                                                    equality for 
federal              the people with 
government                                                                                      disabilities 
Ottawa                                                                                      it affects our    
equality for 
all Canadians                                          
people have rights    gives everyone the right to practise
                                                               their religion 
freedom to protest against the gov’t       federal or provincial – I’m not sure 
Religious Freedom 
All people have rights 
Example: Take a few minutes to think about and then individually write down what you
roup Discussions:
What teachers doWhat students do
roup Discussions:
Student/Teacher Resource
or stick-on notes.
In pairs, share your key ideas and, through discussion,
small group learning skills before they are involved in jigsaw. Jigsaw is a cooperative learning technique
roup Discussions: 
What teachers doWhat students do
In this strategy, students begin sharing their ideas in pairs, then build to a larger group. The discussion
Tips and Resources
What teachers doWhat students do
roup Discussions:
it’s the natural way
it’s too hard to enforce
it takes too much time and effort
What teachers doWhat students do
You’re wrong.
That’s crazy/stupid/ridiculous.
________ doesn’t know what he/she’s talking about.
Personally, I feel…
Why don’t you/we …
How about…
One way would be…
Maybe we could…
Teacher Resource
Tips for Enhancing Student Discussions
In this strategy, students individually consider an issue and move to an area in the room where they
think creatively and critically.
Tips and Resources
-Consider using more than four areas for response - even six responses can work
-Try using only two responses; draw a line dividing the room and ask students to
-Vary the approach by creating a value line. Ask students to rank themselves by
What teachers doWhat students do
(corners) and label with: strongly agree,
best represents their stance on the issue.
Highlight their group’s main points with
: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12
Teacher Resource
1                                                             2 
Strongly agree        
3                                                             4 
Testing new 
products on 
animals should be 
 Triangle Debate
In this strategy, all students are involved in an informal, whole-class debate. It is a flexible tool that
What teachers doWhat students do
Give students ample time to prepare -
Refer to Teacher Resource, 
do not clearly understand what an effective presentation looks like. By demonstrating an ineffective
presentation, modelling an effective presentation, and facilitating student collaboration, teachers will
ease student stress and clearly define an effective presentation.
To clearly define exemplary presentation skills.
To create a comfortable, safe environment in which students may be successful in
collaborate with each other and the teacher to improve the teacher’s ineffective presentation.
experience, first hand, examples of ineffective and effective presentations.
Tips and Resources
Teachers may consider modelling only the effective presentation.  Teachers need to be
cautious when demonstrating the ineffective presentation - a sense of humour goes a long
It may be helpful to videotape both the teacher’s first presentation and the improved
What teachers doWhat students do
that demonstrates ineffective
Observe teacher’s first presentation and
Write down all areas needing
Write down further suggestions. Discuss
Work in pairs throughout practice
are effective
        my presentation skills? 
: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12
: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12
: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12
: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12